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Bobby Womack is an american singer from Cleveland. He started his musical career in 1960’s. In 2009 he was introduced into american Rock & Roll hall of fame.

He released 26 solo albums.

Song Across 110th Street was originally used in american crime-drama Across 110th Street, starring Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto, and Anthony Franciosa, and directed by Barry Shear.

Bobby Womack’s song was leading song of the movie. It was no. 19 hit on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart in 1973.

It was later used in 2 other movies:  Jackie Brown, (directed by Quentin Tarantino) & American Gangster (directed by Ridley Scott) and as a background song for the video game True Crime: New York City.

The song was also sampled by the most successful rapper in the Balkan Edo Maajka. Song title is Obečana riječ & can be found on his second album No Sikiriki.

Original song by Bobby Womack:

Sampled by Edo Maajka: