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Milk Drinkers is an electronic music band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The band was founded in 2010 while walking down Lesce and drinking milk.

In January, 2012, they released their debut EP “Leather Nation” on Chakra, Slovenian lable, founded by Ian Green.

As they were influenced by many different genres of music, from hiphop to rock, disco, etc., they are now exploring different sounds and trying to spread their taste to the world.

This band’s projects/live shows are based on music, visuals and fashion, as they normaly wear leather jackets and wayfarers on stage.

Their bigger projects are still in progress, but with small releases, such as Leather Nation EP, they already recieved support from artists, such as Bloody Beetroots, Spinz, Ian Green, Kris Kylven and many more.

Check their Soundcloud page for more music

Milk Drinkers – Jacob Scott

Milk Drinkers – We love you

Milk Drinkers – Leather Nation