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Estelle was performing in Kino Šiška during her ALL OF ME TOUR.
Warming up for the concert was done  by DJ K’pow from RDYO DJ’S.

Estelle presented music from all her three albums + she included her side projects.
She performed alongside DJ, bass guitarist, piano player and 2 back vocals. Her concert started as scheduled. Right in the beggining of the night, she make shure that one visitor will remember her concert for a long time. He was invited on stage, and she performed a little show for him. They were singing and were making 2- step dance toghether on a Bob Marley song – Is this love.
During her concert she presented music from all of her 3 albums. She explained that she is not doing albums just that she has album , but she needs Sh*t happen to her and then she can make an album. That’s why she need’s 4 years to release an album.

She dedicated song Wonderfull life to everyone that has a shitty day and you don’t have anybody to hug.

She also presented songs from some other artists. We could her songs like:
Hey Hey from Dennis Ferrer
Is this love from Bob Marley

She also presented some songs from her side projects. When she started singing One love – produced by David Guetta it felt like electronic party with all the people dancing and with their hands in the air.

She got biggest response from the crowd with her hitsong American Boy. She explained that American Boy is her happiest song. But she isn’t happy every day and she can’t sing American Boy on demand.


She gave everything into her perfomance. Her voice was a little weak, but she singed all songs perfectly. Her perfomace was full of emotions and like Adele, Estelle also doesn’t have any luck in love. So if you wanna date with her you have to watch out what you do, that you don’t end up in her song.
Crowd was very good yesterday. Very different from usual Ljubljana concert public. People were respoding to her, dancing and just enjoying her music.
Estelle said before the concert that it will be filled with emotions and it was.

She ended her perfomance after 1,20h.

Thank You live in Kino Šiška, music tells it all – fantastic perfomance

Overall it was great performace and once again compliments to Black Pony who organised the concert

American Boy live in Kino Šiška

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