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Shaza La Kazoo is a band from Belgrade (Serbia) formed by Milan Djuric (usb-clarinet, plastic knobs, faders, rubber pads, silicon chips, singing and shouting) and Uros Petkovic (electric violin, turntablism and silicon chips). The band plays danceable electronic bass music spiced with the sounds originating from their own region – the Balkans. Their interpretation of Balkan melodies, harmonies and rhythm patterns are often intertwined with the influences that come mostly from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the unique musical blend which they call folkstep.

Their origins lie in various Slavic, Gypsy, Vlach, Greek, Romanian and Albanian streaks, or in cultures having substantial influence in the region – Persian, in the Arab world, Turkophone and Francophone worlds, German and Italian-speaking cultures, and finally in Anglo-American global culture which, among other things, brings echoes of cultures distant to the Balkans.
The intention of the Folkstep is simple: it is not meant to be art; it is simple entertainment like the music of its countless predecessors – an important pastime, faithfully accompanying the inhabitants of the Balkan peninsula throughout its turbulent history, in good or bad times alike

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You can listen to their live concert in Cologne here. You can also download some of their music for FREE here.

Preview of their new album: