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Nedeljska šlagerica is a radio show on Radio Študent. Show is aired every second Sunday at 11.00.

Radio Študent is based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, founded back in 1969 in ex-Yugoslavia, with 24 hours program and more than 200 regular contributors today, Radio Student is one of the oldest and the biggest independent and non-commercial radio stations in Europe. Since its beginnings RADIO STUDENT has been promoting tolerance, respect for the difference of opinion, freedom, truth, solidarity, multiculturalism.

RS is a non-profit, urban community radio station and educational organization, covering diverse cultural.

Nedeljska šlagerica is a radio show dedicated to Yugoslavian soul, funk, and ”šlager” music. All in all is a good music and flashback on the old songs. You can also hear some covers of well known songs from America. You can also hear part of speeches from TITO and parts of Cult Yugoslavian films.

Music selection is similar to compilation Tetkine radosti.

You can listen to the show here.

Some music selection

Bisera Veletanlić -Sunny

Dušan Jakšič – Mali Gonzales

Beti Jurkovič – Tivoli