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Rahmanee is DJ & producer that comes from Belgrade, Serbia. He released tracks on labels like: BPM records, Mir Records &  Jungle-X Records. In 2009 he shaked the scene with remix of S.A.R.S. hit Budjev lebac. Rahmanee performed all over Balkan, Germany, Austria,Hungary. He played records next to names like: Pendulum, Dj Hype ,Shy FX,  LTK Bukem, Benny Page

He recently remixed Kiril Dzajkovski hit song – Jungle shadow

Follow Rahmanee: Facebook, Soundcloud

Wikluh Sky is a Serbian musician, rapper, and producer.

Best known for being a member of Bad Copy hip-hop trio, he is also a part of Marčelo‘s accompanying Filter Crew, andraggamuffin group/project Shappa. In addition to participating in all of the above groups and projects, Wikluh Sky maintains a solo career as well.

In 2007 he wrote and produced several tracks on Ana Stanić‘s album Sudar. 

He produced debut album of Serbian group S.A.R.S. 

He contributed lead song for Serbian TV series Vratiče se rode together with Šaban Bajramovič named LOVA.

He also contributed music for movie titled SRBSKI FILM, lead song – link

Here are some songs that Rahmanee & Wikluh Sky did. An album is expected:

Idemo Odma – Check also BAD COPY version of Idemo Odma


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