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Founded six years ago in Belgrade the Serbian band S.A.R.S. is also known as “Sviježe amputirana ruka Satrianija” or, in english, “Freshly amputated hand of Satriani”. So far they have released two CDs, the second one ‘Perspektiva’ is being promoted on tour and they are also working on material for their third album for which they have many fresh new ideas. Music of the band S.A.R.S. is a unique mixture of pop, rock, reggae, hip-hop and blues music, which intertwines lovely with elements of traditional Serbian folk music. Their most recognisable hit ‘Budjav lebac’ shot them to the stars in the Balkans area, where they regularly perform and fill up clubs and concert halls. As far as the festivals are concerned they are also a great attraction.

In 2011 their second album ‘Perspektiva’ was released, first only in e-format and the songs could be downloaded for free from the MTV portal, which more than 50.000 people did. Their first single, a video from the album ‘To rade’ also received a great amount of attention.

S.A.R.S. started very successfully in Slovenia as a supporting act to ELVIS JACKSON in the far too full Križanke and secured themselves a series of successful festival performances in Slovenia as well as the whole of former Yugoslavia, among them also the main stage of the Exit festival, Rock Otočec, Schengen festival and Festival Lent (Večer stage), not to mention other smaller festivals … 2012 is no less successful for them, since they are constantly on the road. They are supposed to show a video for the socially committed song ‘Ustaj brate’ soon, which is also a part of the mission of the Serbian seven-member band.


Kuća časti is S.A.R.S. third studio album. 

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S.A.R.S. feat Alejuandro Buendija – Malo mi je falilo