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Their up-beat Electro-Swing makes you move your feet, creates a great atmosphere and a lust for life! …Simply bombastic! Caravan Palace is a total mediatic phenomenon in France: 
They have sold more than 150,000 copies of their debut album and played in a short time more than 120 national and international shows in prestigious venues and renowned festivals – which proofs the outstanding uniqueness of this band! 
Also internationally the band already performed in prestigious festivals and Caravan Palace has convinced promoters and their audiences alike: no matter whether it were jazz-, rock-, electro-, or world music festivals, Caravan Palace is always the surprise act with a guarantee of success!

Caravan Palace captivate with their sensational live-shows!!!!!! With their debut album they already managed to sell out 5 days in a row, the prestigious „La Cigale“ in Paris, as well as the famous Olympia (cap.2,500) in Paris – 2 months in advance! They manage to make the crowd erupt with joy every time with their explosive mix of Gipsy-, Jazz- and electronic rhythms. 

The music sounds like a good feeling, with a playful ease, it’s loose and very catchy;
everything in high musical quality and sometimes even virtuoso. They mix electronic beats from drum machines, groove boxes and vocoders with live instruments with an astonishing naturalness. However it is always the musical performance of the talented musicians playing violin, upright bass, trombone, gypsy guitar, clarinet, keyboard and percussions that stands out. 

The band, dressed stylishly in the vintage Zazou-style of the 1930s, captivates with their irresistibly danceable songs and their stunning stage pre – sence that spreads enough energy to take over the entire hall…and beyond! The unique voice of the charismatic lead singer Sonia Fernandez definitely adds to their breathtaking performance: her voice is a crossover between the old cabaret style of Ethel Waters and the soulful Billie Holiday – always in perfect harmony with the sparkling groove of the band! 

With a mixture of Django Reinhardt and Justice, this act from Paris gives Swing its fitting position in the 21st century! After conquering the French market in record time in France, they will finally be available, along with their debut album, for international gigs.

Warmup will be done by JK Soul, young producer, with best days still to come. He produced three albums and done more than 100 singles. You can find his music as background also in commercials, on different fashion event etc. His last work was done with Slovenian rapper Emkey, and with his live performance in Kino Šiška, he will also introduce singer Polona Leben that will play major part in his upcoming solo album in the end of may.

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Caravan Palace (FR) :
Arnaud Vial: guitar Charles Delaporte: double bass
Hugues Payen: violin, scat
Toustou: keys, trombone
Colotis Zoé: vocal
Chapi: clarinet
Paul-Marie Barbier: vibrafon JK Soul Live: 
Jernej Križman: programming, scratch
Polona Leben: vocals VJ: DV Image
TICKETS are available via Eventim: 22€ – presale & 25€ on concert day.
Snow Mix 2013 – Caravan Palace

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