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Eva – lead singer, Monika – keyboards, Marko – bass guitar, Anže – drums & percussion. We are all mixed together in a juicy jamming group called Hulahoop. We don’t explicitly define our music style, we could simply say it is a mixture of blues, funk, rock ‘n’ roll with a sprinkle of pop, soul and jazz. Each & every one of us has his own musical taste; and they are all reflected in our special musical experiment. We don’t mind showing our fans and listeners that we really enjoy what we are doing, even if it sometimes means breaking a drumstick or a leg.

Our musical path started with a concert for Slovenian president Danilo Turk, who admitted to us wearing a long hair in his younger age. After some “member changes” we realized we don’t need a guitarist (as long as our bass player believes he already is one). Nevertheless, we thought our musical performance could use some additional color so we couldn’t help “borrowing” a wooden saxophonist Engelbert to join us on stage.

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