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Josipa Lisac is Croatian singer. She is one of the best & most successful Croatian singer & musicians.  She was a singer in the Yugoslavian group Akordi in the 60’s.


DNEVNIK JEDNE LJUBLJAVI was released in 1973. It is her debut album. album was polled in 1998 as the ninth on the list of 100 greatest Yugoslav rock and pop albums in the book YU 100: the Greatest Yugoslav Rock and Pop Music Albums

  1. “O jednoj mladosti” (“About a Youth”)
  2. “Srela sam se s njim” (“I Met with Him”)
  3. “Sreća” (“Happiness”)
  4. “Po prvi put” (“For the First Time”)
  5. “Plačem” (“I’m Crying”)
  6. “Jedna kratka vijest” (“One Short Message”)
  7. “Ležaj od suza” (“Bed of Tears”)
  8. “Ne prepoznajem ga” (“I Don’t Recognise Him”)
  9. “Vjerujem ti sve” (“I Believe You Everything”)
  10. “Kao stranac” (“Like a Stranger”)