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Since the birth in 1998, a band with a complicated name and infective music, “Red Five Point Star” played close to 500 shows and thus the stage is definitely their best incarnation.

Back then a teenage punk rock trio began to mix a variety of sounds like reggae, ska, swing, surf and rockabilly elements into a solid punk rock basics. This lay the foundation for the original RFPS sound that grew to now leading Slovenian 6-pack ska band.
After the release of their long-awaited first album ‘In Color’ in 2005 Red Five Point Star started to break boundaries by not staying comfortable in their own country but venture out into the whole wide world. Stepping out of the norm, RFPS proved that as a live band, they have become world class.

Red Five Point Star played in most of the European countries and crowned the tours by a very successful South African tour in February 2009. This is followed up by an even bigger South African tour in February and March 2010. Red Five Point Star were also the first rock band that performed in Kosovo after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Conquering each country, one song at a time.
They sold out the first edition of ‘In Color’ and followed it by the second full lenght ‘Stepping Out’, released at the end of 2007. Both albums were released on the leading Slovenian independent label KAPA Records. Kapa Records is runned by the most influential Slovenian underground venue Gala Hala and is based in renowned cultural center Metelkova City.
After releasing the insanely popular studio albums, Red Five Point Star wanted to capture more of the live energy of which the audience craved for. As result they recorded 4 shows live in Ljubljana during 2009 which will be released on a live CD and DVD in 2010. This will serve as an introduction to the forthcoming 3rd studio album.

Red Five Point Star established themselves mostly through their intense live shows, which are the outcome of constant live performing on numerous club shows and biggest festivals in the region. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, The Toasters, Fishbone, Ozomatli and Royal Crown Revue are just a few names Red Five Point Star shared stage with in their odissey.

Current line-up:

Uroš Grahek – lead vocal, guitar
Gašper Gantar – bass guitar
Sony Čevdek – trumpet, back vocals
Janez Vratanar – keyboards, back vocals
Gal Kukovič – fluegehorn, back vocals
Janez Levec – drums, percussions

Red Five Point Star continue to produce unique songs – a mixture of ska, swing, rockabilly, modern jazz, Cuban rhythms and Brazilian music, still infused with a dose of a punk-rock attitude!

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