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This week our guests in TOP5 series are Slovenian rock band Siddharta.


Today the biggest name on Slovenia’s music scene, Siddharta was formed in 1995, when four friends – Tomi M. (vocals, guitar), Primož B. (guitar, back vocals), Primož M. (bass) and Boštjan M. (drums) – got together and named themselves after a well-known book by Hermann Hesse because they liked the sound of it.

Today they play in next formation – Tomi M. (vocals, guitar), Primož B. (guitar, back vocals), Jani H. (bass) and Boštjan M. (drums).

In 1999 they released they debut album I.D. Single from the album (Pot v X) Album was soon followed by E.P. Lunanai where they collaborated with Slovenian musician Vlado Kreslin  on a song Lunanai.  Their second album NORD (Samo EdiniB Mashina) broke all selling records in 2001. In 2002 they released album Silikon Delta ( PlatinaB MashinaStipe), where artists like LaibachRandom LogicUmekValentino Kanzyani remixed their music.

In 2003 they released their most successful album RH- ( RaveRingEt tu) .  A month after the release of their third studio album Rh-, Siddharta opened the Rh- tour with a concert which astounded all who were there and those who were not. The band, accompanied by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and 60 dancers, played before a crowd of over 30,000 people. The English version of Rh-, which had already been released as the bloodbag limited edition in 2003, was remade and re-released internationally in spring 2005.

Three years after releasing RH- they released new album in 2006 called Petrolea ( DominePlastikaTria). Having kept their fans waiting that long for a new album, Siddharta rewarded them with a free cultural event – an opening concert at the Ljubljana Castle. It was at the same time the first rock concert ever to have taken place in the castle courtyard, the event thus placing a new milestone on the band’s path of achievements

Eight years after their first performance in the well-acclaimed radio show Izštekani (Unplugged), hosted by Jure Longyka on national radio, Siddharta were invited to perform live for a second time. The acoustic versions of selected numbers from all four albums were later released as a CD + bonus DVD

Four years had passed since the breathtaking Stadium concert and Siddharta were ready for a new venture. They placed it in Ljubljana’s Hala Tivoli, packed with fans eagerly awaiting a new blow by Siddharta – and the show had been sold out within a couple of weeks. performed their whole set-list from day one, a total of 56 songs, and was on stage for full 5 hours plus. Siddharta’s first bass player Primož M., Big Foot Mama’s singer Grega Skočir, rapperNikolovski, legend of Slovenian rock music Vlado Kreslin and string quartet Godalika joined them on stage.
The concert was released in December as a collection of four CDs with a bonus DVD, which featured a documentary on the happening in- and outside the hall, both before and during the Marathon concert. The documentary was shot and cut by Dafne Jemeršič.

Their new album SAGA was released in 2009 . Album was produced by Ross Robinson. Before the release of the album their released 4 EP’s – Vojna IdejNapalm3Baroko,  Angel Diabolo.

2011 starts with preparations for new stadium concert. This time at the new stadium Stožice in Ljubljana. But even second time around, things are not as simple as they seem. The challenge is to record a new album and a DVD of the concert right there in front and with the public. New songs are being written and shortly they all, one after the other, appear on the web and radio airwaves.

The show at stadium Stožice is visited by 11.000 visitors on June 18, 2011. Almost three and a half hours and 35 songs later the people leave the stadium and their opinions are variations of; high expectations, but we got so much more.  The album is recorded. ntil November when the band announces the date of the release of the new album VI (word play; vi in Slovene means “you” but it can also be interpreted as VI as in 6 and 6th album) and the double DVD. They are both released on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011.



For the 10th anniversary of their cooperation with Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia they presented new song — Novi Svet (Keaziree). The song was recorded with Symphony Orchestra RTV SLO on June 17th and 18th this year on a sold out concert in Cankarjev dom.

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THIS IS SIDDHARTA TOP5 SELECTION – Each band member chose one song.