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n the words of Call And Response Records boss Ian Martin:

“Mind Business” is N’toko’s second album released in Japan and shows influences from his life in Europe and his stays in Japan. This is easily apparent in the videos, with “The Baddest” (directed by by Tomaž Šantl) depicting sharply observed scenes of his native Slovenia, and “Mind Business” (directed by Matt Schley) a Sogo Ishii-inspired surreal mind trip through the backstreets of Koenji. The album was mixed and mastered by Slovenian producer Igor Vuk apart from the title track, produced by Swiss producer Beckoning, the album also draws from sessions with Japanese musicians like Seijiro Murayama, ZONZONO and Kaneko Yuki.”



Here it is folks, the full length English language album I’ve been nagging you about for the last couple of months. If there was a movie about everything I’ve experienced in 2013, this would be the soundtrack. To me it’s all about the schizophrenic life I find myself living in, somewhere between pop culture and social movements, internet and real life, the Balkans and West Europe, even between Europe and Japan … It’s about me hating the concept of success while at the same time struggling to attain it. It’s about me coming to terms with the fact that capitalism sucks and not letting that realisation turn me into a depressed, lifeless marxist theorist.

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