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Laibach is Slovenian music group from Trbovlje and formed in 1980.

Laibach represents the music wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective, of which it was a founding member in 1984.  The name “Laibach” is the German name for Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana.

Laibach has frequently been accused of both far left and far right political stances due to their use of uniforms and totalitarian-style aesthetics. They were also accused of being members of the neo-nationalism movement, which reincarnates modern ideas of nationalism. When confronted with such accusations, Laibach are quoted as replying with the ambiguous response “We are fascists as much as Hitler was a painter.

They are most successful & recognized Slovenian group.

The popular German musical group Rammstein has acknowledged influence by both the aesthetic approach and material of Laibach.


This is Laibach’s first studio album since 2006’s Volk, and the follow up the original sound track for Iron Sky(dir.Timo Vuorensola, 2012) and Reproduction Prohibited, a collection of Laibach’s interpretations of songs.

The album is due out on Mute in March 2014.