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Kurzschluss je PopUp Clubbing, sveža zamisel serije vrhunskih zabav, ki se pojavijo vsakič na novi lokaciji in v mestu odpirajo edinstveno doživetje nočnega življenja. Ekskluzivne, neponovljive in zelo različne zabave so namenjene tistim, ki ne marate rutinskega nočnega življenja in tistim, ki radi raziskujete party lokacije.
Ni za zaspance!
Kurzschluss: PopUp Clubbing je hitro minljiv pojav, ki deluje zgolj 3 tedne. Zdaj je, potem ni. Dan se začne ob polnoči, muzika buči, slamice brbotajo, plesišče valovi in predan ponočnjak tega ne zamudi.
Program: žanrsko pestro, glasbeno-plesno -> večeri elektronskih, hiphop in drugih urbanih mešanic funky ritmov. A le za kratek čas in le na priložnostni lokaciji!
Od 13. decembra do 3. januarja! Najbolj ekstra nočno druženje letošnjega veselega decembra!
Kurzschluss je najbolj vroča točka scensko dovršenega urbanega nočnega dogajanja v letošnji božično-novoletni sezoni.
Naspite se vnaprej.

Cene vstopnic: 15 €, VIP 35 €  via Eventim




1605 SHOWCASE Line-Up
Phunk Investigation

Phunk Investigation consist of Dino & Stef, a duo formed in Italy in 2000. Their first worldwide acclaimed success was the incredibly popular ‘Flawless’, with George Michael and The Ones to their skilfully crafted club grooves and dubs. Both work as DJs & producers.
Their trademark sharp synths have been morphed into a funk nightmare, while the beefy productions and intense breakdowns show us why nobody should ever mess with The Phunk!
At the present they hold two record labels: Miniatures Records and Phunk Traxx.
The Duo Phunk Investigation is well known for their “Techno” style “, listing numerous collaborations and remixes with some of the top profile DJs as Umek, John Acquaviva, Danny Tenaglia and many others.
They have been Guest Djs in the best clubs in Europe and around the World, consolidating their fame at an International level.
In 2008 the Duo reached the Ibiza Dj Awards final in the category of “International Dj Newcomer”.
Their motto is to push 100% straight up unique techno set and make music for the fans, those who love the unpredictable, different from the logics of mass-production.
1605 Home Crew.

Phunk Investtigation – It Is Star Time

Phunk Investigation – All Right

Phunk Investigation – This Is Soul

Phunk Investigation – Everybody Ready


Designed as unique integral researching platform for studio sound experimenting, stage performances and multimedia presentation of new sonic structures, the 1605 Music Therapy also appears in a form of a music label. Its whole purpose is to support the artists in spreading their creative output in the both music universes, analog and digital one. This label is the latest manifestation of the creative spirit caught in the notorious electronic platforms such as Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and Astrodisco which established the alternative sound of Slovenian electronic music in the worldwide circuit. But as it is created from collective vibe, stuffed with technology, open to your mood, effective on sucking it in, this time the aim of the whole platform and its representation in the form of Label 1605 is much courageous. It makes you feel above, between, inside – extremely you. This feeling is based on 1605 Music Therapy. It helps to enjoy life. Period.

1605 Platform vol. 15.

1605 Platform vol.14.