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Kurzschluss je PopUp Clubbing, sveža zamisel serije vrhunskih zabav, ki se pojavijo vsakič na novi lokaciji in v mestu odpirajo edinstveno doživetje nočnega življenja. Ekskluzivne, neponovljive in zelo različne zabave so namenjene tistim, ki ne marate rutinskega nočnega življenja in tistim, ki radi raziskujete party lokacije.
Ni za zaspance!
Kurzschluss: PopUp Clubbing je hitro minljiv pojav, ki deluje zgolj 3 tedne. Zdaj je, potem ni. Dan se začne ob polnoči, muzika buči, slamice brbotajo, plesišče valovi in predan ponočnjak tega ne zamudi.
Program: žanrsko pestro, glasbeno-plesno -> večeri elektronskih, hiphop in drugih urbanih mešanic funky ritmov. A le za kratek čas in le na priložnostni lokaciji!
Od 13. decembra do 3. januarja! Najbolj ekstra nočno druženje letošnjega veselega decembra!
Kurzschluss je najbolj vroča točka scensko dovršenega urbanega nočnega dogajanja v letošnji božično-novoletni sezoni.
Naspite se vnaprej.

Cene vstopnic: 15 €, VIP 35 €  via Eventim




Ms Dynamite
Roots In Session Sound (Warm up set)
Freeverse & Cookie

Ms Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite was born and raised in Archway, a district in North London, to a Jamaican father and a Scottish mother. As stated on the programme Ms Dynamite: In Search of Nanny Maroon in addition to her Jamaican-Scottish parentage, she shares Bajan, English, Irish, German and Grenadian ancestries. She grew up listening to reggae and hip hop music. Though she wanted to become a schoolteacher or social worker, her biggest aspiration was to be a musician. She is the eldest of eleven siblings, one of whom is a grime artist known as Akala, and attended Acland Burghley School in London.

Interview with Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite & Shy Fx – Cloud 9

Ms. Dynamite & DJ Fresh & Jay Fay – Dibby Dibby Sound

Ms. Dynamite & Katy B – Lights out

Ms. Dynamite, Major Lazer & Laidback Luke – Sweat

Ms. Dynamite – Neva Soft

Ms. Dynamite & Magnetic Man – Fire

Ms. Dynamite & Redlight – What you talking about!?

Ms. Dynamite & DJ Zince – Wile out



Based in Ljubljana, Roots In Session is one of the Balkan’s best-known sound systems and producer duos pushing and creating its own sound for over a decade now.

Pier and Fu both started their solo DJ career in 1996 with their former crew Radyoyo/RDYO DJs, where they were both heavily involved in Slovenian urban music scene. By organizing parties and festivals on venues across the country playing Drum and Bass, Jungle, Reggae, Dancehall, they hosted some of world-known DJs and MCs, e.g. David Rodigan, Heartless Crew, DJ Marky, MC Stamina, 4Hero, Mala, LTJ Bukem, David Boomah etc.

In 2000, they decided to leave the crew and pursue solo work as selectors. Coming from different musical backgrounds and with many musical influences, Pier and Fu teamed up on the Roots In Session sound system. Reggae music soon became the one genre with which they could most identify themselves, and a platform to start their own sound. Still as enthusiastic as they were at the beginning, Pier and Fu promoted their sound by compiling mixtapes Kus Kus – strictly Reggae, Dub, Dancehall selection, and Shishmish – Reggae selection with all kind of derivates. Through mixtapes, they were able to appeal to a wider audience, and their trademark sound successfully spread out across the border.

Known for its live shows full of banging tunes which always drew a crowd, they started making their own productions in 2009 and testing them on venues. Their debut was a riddim Raja Raja produced in collaboration with the Bosnian Baga Sound that made a big buzz in the Balkans. A banging version of Mikael Rose‘s Shoot Out (John John Production) is Gangsta Shoot, featured on the mixtape Shihsmish 2, and very well accepted by the crowd. Also featured on this mixtape was Štrajk by RIS with Aleuandro Buendija (TBF) on the vocals.

The duo’s first official release is a remix of Kiril Dzajkovski‘s song Jungle Shadow, who is an internationally acclaimed Macedonian electronic musician, published by the German label Breaks per Minute. Next, RIS teamed up with a German-Portugal label and produced a remix Dub by The RIS Rmx for a Lisbon based producer Skalator. Another artist to hit big with was a Slovenian vocalist Alexandra Ilijevski, whose song Vedno Sam featured on a compilation by Radio Slovenia’s Second Channel Val 202. Pier and Fu continued to be active in studio, and more offers came by. The Canadian Interchill Records also got in the RIS vibe, and No War was produced, a reggae bass track with original vocals recorded by Pier in Jamaica. Another Balkan collaboration arose when RIS teamed up with a Bosnian crossover band Dubioza Kolektiv to remix a track Tranzicija featured on their latest studio album. The last release until now in 2013 is a track Where Do We Go From Here supporting sweet reggae vocal by David Boomah on his debut album.

Even today, RIS are constantly on a mission of exploring the roots of music and trademarking their sound. Surely, more great music is still to come from this reggae sound system. RISpekt!

RootsInSession Sound – Kus Kus 7 Mixtape


RootsInSessionSound & Edo Maajka & Frenkie – Lagano Bagamo (Shishmish mixtape 2)

Skalator – Dub – RootsInSession Rmx

David Boomah – Where do we go from here (Produced by RootsInSessin Sound)


Spinning records for more then 10 years now. Started with breaks but now it’s a bit more hectic. Some call it freestyle, I say a mixture of old ‘n’ new funk, soul, hiphop, beats, breaks and more. A couple of years ago (together with Bakto & Woo-D) we started a funk night Good Foot, our most known project is Tetkine radosti, a mix collage of old (mostly 60s & 70s) yugoslav music – from beat music and funk rock to jazz and schlager. I also used to promote different nights for Ljubljana’s club K4. Had guests like Bonobo, Quantic, Krush, Danny Breaks, Marky, Dorian Concept, Dj Format, Fulgeance, Dj Food, … I produce music, well more beats than richly arranged pieces, it’s mainly sample based and slowish. Produced some stuff for sum rappers, film, stop motion animations and theatre. Co-run a label called rx:tx, we try to consistently release some beats. Have a band called Jimmy Barka Experience – it consists of two deejays (Bakto and me) and a drummer (Marjan Stanić). I do two radioshows, one is on the second channel of the national radio, the other is on Radio Student and it’s called Breakwave.

Borka – Revolt

Borka – What Sticks


Filter is a new project which arose from the matrix of slovenian alternative club scene as a result of long hard work in the field with aiming to continue this tradition.
As the name tells, filter is focused on handpicking and promoting the best of the bass subgenres, aimed mainly on broken stuff such as dubstep, trap, footwork, glitch and other hiphop derivates. Driven across a broad bpm specter it delivers futuristic, eclectic and intelligent, but still fat & bouncy stuff!