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Toni Zen, is Macedonian rapper and producer. The former member of music band Urbana Dimenzija has been a rap artist for more than 8 years.

n the late 90s, under the influence of American hip-hop, Toni, using the stage name “Toni Montana”, started performing rap music. The first group he was active in was called “105”. The group recorded demos played only by a certain hip-hop radio program on Channel 103. In 2002, along with DJ Cvare, he formed the group Urbana Dimenzija. During this time, Toni changed his stage name from Toni Montana to Toni Zen. He performed at numerous events in Macedonia, including the Street Beats Festival and hip-hop night at the Taksirat Festival as the guest of Jeru the DamajaAfu RaGuru and Edo Maajka.

Solo career (2005-present)

Toni Zen became a solo artist in 2005, working on several projects in close cooperation with Single Mode, Martin Srbinovski, Color and Bisera (Gemini), Tamara Todevska, Robert Bilbilov, Jovan Jovanov, among others. He released three studio albums which featured rap and hip-hop hits including “Vo Poln Efekt”, “Skandal”, “Mi Casa es Su Casa”, and “Vo Moj Stil”. In 2010, Toni Zen was an opening act for the concert of world superstar 50 Cent, held in the Boris Trajkovski Sports Center in Skopje. That summer, he held his first concert in Ohrid’s Ancient Theatre. Later that summer, he was invited to the Philippines with other ex-Yugoslav celebrities to shoot the third season of the regional version of Survivor called Survivor Srbija VIP: Philippines. He made it to the show’s finale, finishing as the first runner-up.


  • Stihovna agenda (2005)
  • Slushaj (2007)
  • Vo moj stil (2009)
  • Superzen 2011



Maraqya is a Serbian band. Group was formed in 2008 in Serbian capital Beograd.

They combine jazz, soul, blues in hip-hop music. Their debut album is called Savršen dan ( Perfect day).




1. Superzen
2. Skandal
3. Mi casa es su casa
4. Vo moj stil
5. Okey
6. Jas sum Hip – Hop
7. Ne me zamaraj ft Tamara Todevska
8. Sfativ ft. Tamara Todevska
9. Nejkes da sum sama – Tamara Todevska
10. Kada te vidim – Maraqya
11. U mojoj sobi mrak – Maraqya
12. Ljubav – Maraqya
13. Intimni odnosi – Maraqya ft. Lou Benny
14. Savrsen Dan – Maraqya ft. Lou Benny
15. Voleo bih da – Maraqya
16. Luda & ja bi te
17. Spushti se dole ft. Slatkaristika
18. Moeto maalo ft. Slatkaristika
19. Ima ona se
20. V.I.P.
21. Tri
22. Bas
23. Samo toci ft. Struka
24. Zivot je kocka – Struka ft. Marko Louis
25. Govor tela – Toni Zen, Maraqya, Struka, Lou Benny.