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Micheal Liney a.k.a. The Hedonist is a presenter on UK Jazz Radio. Here’s few facts about him:

Michael was born and raised in West London, well that sounds slightly posher than Acton! His addiction to jazz dance music began at an early age and as soon as he started earning money, he regularly spent it all on the latest vinyl (everything that the infamous CTI label distributed) and frequenting the clubs in the West End featuring his favoured music genre. He also spent time and hard-earned cash on Weekenders in Caister during the 70’s and 80’s reflecting his style as an original Soul & Jazz Funk brother. Today, Michael can afford his love of jazz habit and has amassed a personal library of over 25,000 tracks in his physical and digital archive.

His personal approach to the things Michael loves includes his enthusiasm and a need to be involved in music creation. Despite his (failed) attempts to master playing the saxophone, sounding nothing like his beloved John Coltrane, his inner need to be in or around music has led him to the creation of his own music blog where he could bring music discovery, mixing skills and his passion for jazz to a new online audience.

Michael is today regularly recommended and featured on Mixcloud under the synonym of “The Hedonist” – he truly believes that pleasure is the only intrinsic good! And for The Hedonist, the pleasure is all in the mix. A firm believer that new is good and mixing old with new is progressive, Michael is also a consultant to Hi4Head Records where he is supporting the label’s expansion. A more recent collaboration has also led to a series of mixes of Jazz and the spoken word with US based poet, Christopher D. Sims.

Michael’s wish is to introduce his audience to music that they may never have heard before and in doing so, bring pleasure to the listener. Michael is from the school of thought that believes it’s not what you promise, it’s what you deliver and he wants to deliver playlists that deserve to be listened to by larger audiences, finding new routes for Jazz to be heard and enjoyed. Oh, and if you like what he plays, he’ll want to hear from you too!

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This is his Gil Scott Heron inspired mix: