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Our music is anti-time music. Instead of producing music in time, we create it in space. We are impressionists. Instead of being a project, we prefer being two human beings that call themselves artists, occasionally Timequake, but mostly Andraž Draščič and Peter Jenko. Timequake focuses on this whole creative process as a pleasure. As process escapes the product, the product remains frozen in time and therefore becomes measurable. So, the product is left no choice but to cope with money, debt and slavery. We believe that creation is an accidental consequence of the game. Rules are being changed for each of our songs specifically. Timequake has no obligations to anything and anybody. Yet, we make rules and later on enjoy breaking them, intentionally or unintentionally. It is a matter of our pleasure, not yours. We are not here to please you. This is something you have to do for yourself and only then you will be able to listen to our music. Timequake is no personal therapist. Our music is not offering freedom as a product. Its intention is to inspire you to become free.


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This is their live performance from CHILLI SPACE 10 event.