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Voi’Sa festival is a music festival happening on Croatian island Brač in town Supetar. It is dedicated to urban music and will be happening from 1nd to 3th of August – 

Sit on the ferry which runs on average every hour and in Supetar you are already for 45 minutes. More info’s on the ferry – LINK

Festival is located just besides the ferry port on the left, at beautiful Acapulco beach, where you will surely experience the most beautiful sunset!

Tickets – LINK

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Festival hosted names like: Ben WestbeechHerbaliserTBFEdo MaajkaRoots in Session SoundRambo AmadeusZed Bias.

2014 LINE – UP



‘If you want to throw a successful block party, you need to get the sound, the system and the beats just right!’ Mo’ Horizons have done exactly that with their new album. ‘Mo’ Horizons and the Banana Soundsystem’ is about putting the groove in place, as entertaining and profound as possible: ‘We were touring to such an extent that we were nearly going bananas,’ Mo’ Horizons creative mastermind Ralf Droesemeyer recollects the last few years. ‘It was as much fun as it was a colourful trip exploring the music of the world.’
Mo’ Horizons, of course, are no newcomers to the soundsystem culture. With four successful albums recorded plus two compilations containing their own as well as their remix work, this band is a firmly established entity. Take ‘Come Touch The Sun’ from 1999 and ‘Remember Tomorrow’ from 2001: Here was a band defining the sound of the Lounge era, focussing on sustainability with an open road ahead of them. Musical paths were explored further on ‘Mo’ Horizons and the New Bohemian Freedom’ in 2003 and ‘Sunshine Today’ in 2007, both distinct voyages into the orbit of organic beats crossing Latin, electro, funk and soul. Playing their music live to the people has always been a key factor in Mo’ Horizons, with the soundsystem idea of the DJ playing with various musicians and vocalists being an integral part of the concept.

Sunshine today 

Don’t bring me down

Walk into space


JACKING GROOVES AND DRIVING DEEP BEATS. KYODAI means brothers in Japanese and that’s about as good a clue as you’re getting as to who these two producers are, suffice to say they regularly release under a variety of different names for labels such as COMPOST, ODORI and LOVEMONK. For their work under different monikers the sibling producer duo gained respect from musical heavy weights like Masters At Work, GILLES PETERSON and JIMPSTER. Now with their new project KYODAI they have had a strong run of releases starting with their de- but on FREERANGE RECORDS in 2011. This EP ‚MI  RUMBA‘ must have impressed a lot of people such as KERRI CHANDLER as they went on to release their follow up EP ‚BREAKING‘ for mad mats‘ and Tooli‘s blossoming LOCAL TALK label. This one reached the charts on Junodownloads ‚biggest deep house tracks of 2012‘ as well as the Gilles Peterson‘s ‚AN ALL WINNERS SHOW‘. Further releases in 2012 were ‚NEVER KNOW‘ (POKERFLAT), ‚SEX AFFAIR‘ (ROOM CONTROL) and ‚LA LUZ‘ (FREERANGE) to name a few. Stay tuned as they have a lot of new stuff in the pipeline for 2013 including their debut album coming out soon on LOCAL TALK.

Kyodai @ Berlin Boiler room

Kyodai – The scene


TBF a.k.a. The Beat Fleet are Croatian hip hop veterans. Group was formed in 1990.

TBF discography:

  • Ping-pong (umjetnost zdravog đira), 1997.
  • Uskladimo toplomjere, 2000.
  • Maxon Universal, 2004.
  • Galerija Tutnplok, 2007.
  • Perpetuum Fritule, 2010.
  • Pistaccio Metallic, 2011

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