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We present new release on Forward Ever Recordings.

Today we are presenting release – Pier(RootsInSession Sound) – Forward Ever/Go Dreadman.

Few words about Pier

Born and raised in Ljubljana/Slovenia, Pier began his musical journey at the age of 9. From a young and aspiring trombonist, a classical bandsman, Pier evolved into a DJ/producer with a distinctive and recognizable style, combining various and sundry elements and mixing it into a coherent and banging whole.

Back in days, Pier pioneered in playing and mixing various musical genres at different venues in Ljubljana, lately foremost in genres with deep bass beats. With his former crew, Radyoyo/RDYO DJs, Pier was heavily involved in Slovenia’s alternative musical scene. Since 1996, they have organized parties and festivals on venues across Slovenia, hosting world-known DJs and MCs like David RodiganHeartless CrewDJ MarkyMC Stamina4 HeroMalaLTJ Bukem, and always keeping one step ahead of the competition.

Their weekly radio show ‘Radyoyo’ playing everything from breakbeat, drum’n’bass, hip hop, … to reggae soon became a platform and a movement for introducing new urban genres and bringing the knowledge of musical diversity and its roots closer to their listeners. Moreover, these roots and the new-found enthusiasm brought Pier to a new passion – reggae and its 7” records. Reggae got a new admirer, and Pier got a new beat to tap on. Selectors promoting reggae culture formed a new crew that supported strictly reggae vybz – they called it ‘Roots In Session’. They have been around more than a decade, and today the main two selectors are Pier and Fu. Both still as enthusiastic as they were in the beginning, if not, even more, and constantly on the mission of exploring the roots of music and creating their own trademark sound. To promote their sound, they first began compiling mixtapes ‘Kus Kus’, which are a selection of reggae, dancehall and dub riddims. Later, when they decided to add their own riddims that they self produced, they made a new mixtape ‘Shishmish’. With the continuity and by keeping their listeners up to date with new mixtapes (‘Kus Kus VII’ was recorded this year, and ‘Shishmish 2’ last year) they appealed to a wider audience, and their trademark sound was spread out across the borders. New opportunities to play at foreign venues occurred, and record labels got involved.

Today, Pier distanced himself from the initial period of breakbeat, drum’n’bass and downtempo enthusiasm, and specialized in broken rhythms influenced by reggae, dub, jazz and soul. With his combination of pristine reggae sound and low bass frequencies, Pier is as attractive as ever as a producer (solo artist) and a selector (Roots In Session) but nonetheless he is constantly searching for new methods of expressing himself and trademarking his sound.

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Pier -Forward Ever/Go Dreadman

Pier Meditated mix no.9