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Born in 1985, Fatima still remembers the days before digital media; when the internet didn’t exist in the everyday and the “tape” in mixtape was more than just a figure of speech. “I’m happy that I can still remember what it was like before this,” she says. “Now, you’re used to getting everything so fast that you feel like you’re going to explode because this file’s not downloading in two seconds! I grew up sitting in my mum’s living room doing my own homemade mixtapes. I’d sit there for 90 minutes, waiting for that song to end and then doing the next. It took more dedication and you actually appreciate it more. I am thankful that it takes two seconds to download stuff now but I think that if you know how it used to be, maybe you appreciate it in a different way.”

“I grew up sitting in my mum’s living room doing my own homemade mixtapes.”

That loving attention and sweet sense of nostalgia resonates throughout Yellow Memories. Inspired by a rummage through old family photos at her mum’s place in Stockholm and named after the yellow-coloured paintjob of her grandma’s house, Fatima’s album is a symbol of lost innocence. There’s the poignant, minute-long a cappella “Rest in Peace” and the mournful petition against abandonment in “Gave Me My Name.” “Family” is a sincere account of an ex-pat’s longing for a home, sung over the typically dreamy, evocative beats of Chilean-born, German-raised Londoner FlaKo.





01. Do Better (prod. Floating Points)
02. Technology (prod. Oh No)
03. Circle (prod. Computer Jay)
04. Sun Star Solar
05. Ridin Round (Sky High) (prod. Scoop Deville)
06. Family (prod. Flako)
07. La Neta (prod. Flako)
08. Biggest Joke of All (prod. Floating Points)
09. Underwater (prod. KNX.)
10. Rest in Peace
11. Talk (prod. Floating Points)
12. Gave Me My Name (prod. Floating Points)