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AKUA NARU  will be performing on Druga Godba Festival. She will be performing on 30.5. at 00.30 @ Gala Hala.

She will also host a workshop & lecture, more info’s here – LINK

First few words about Akua Naru:

Akua Naru is a proponent of global black culture who takes her inspiration from hip hop to forge youthful, socially conscious rhyme. Her influences include the piano balladry of Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, and the raw rhythms and poetry of Ursula Rucker, who also appeared at Druga Godba a few years ago. We can therefore look forward to hip hop as well as spoken-word poetry: her brilliant performance of ‘Poetry: How Does It Feel Now?’ has become a YouTube sensation. Akua’s new album The Miner’s Canary, to be released this autumn, will weave together raw, fiery vocals, a progressive lyricism, and the sounds of contemporary jazz and soul. This will be her first visit to the capital, after last year’s concert in Maribor. In addition to the performance, Akua will also be organising a workshop.

Crew that will be performing in Ljubljana: Akua Naru – vocals; Christian Nink –  drums; Alex Roenz – bass; Leif Braeutigam – guitar; Wendy Milton – keyboards; Julian Ritter – saxophone; DJ Baska – turntables

akua naru



Q: You were born in the USA, but you are now living in the Germany. Why?

AKUA NARU:  I love traveling and spending time in different parts of the world. It was fate that I ended up in Cologne. I am based here for now until fate moves me to the next place.

Q: What does Hip Hop mean to you ?

AKUA NARU: Hip hop is a beautiful and powerful music/culture that has allowed opportunities for people to be seen and heard.

Q:How does it feel being a woman in the Hip Hop ? Do you miss more woman in the Hip Hop?

AKUA NARU:  It feels great to be here and to forge a platform to be seen and heard. Hopefully this will inspire other women as so many other women have inspired me. Of course, I look forward to seeing more women making hip hop in ways that are authentic to who they are.

Q: What do you thing about mainstream Hip Hop today?

AKUA NARU:  I think that the mainstream representations and sounds have changed a lot.

Q: You collaborated with names like Fela Kuti, Blitz The Ambassador, you toured with Lords of the Underground. How does it feel to collaborate with these artists ? 

AKUA NARU:  It feels great.

Q: Tony Allen (is a Nigerian drummer, composer and songwriter who currently lives and works in Paris.  Allen was one of the primary co-founders of the genre of Afrobeat music) said about you “This lady is the keeper of the flow, good flow”. What do you think about that.

AKUA NARU: I am incredibly honored.


Q:What inspires you to combine different music styles into your music?

AKUA NARU: I am just blending the music that I love most. This comes out in the music that I make. It is not a conscious thing. It just happens that way as that which I love influences what I create.

Q: Could you name 3 songs that still inspire you today ?

AKUA NARU: There are many songs but I will name three. Thundercat ‘Is This Love’, Nina Simone ‘For Women‘, Lauryn Hill ‘Mystery of Iniquiry

Q:  Which female artist from the past inspires you today ?

AKUA NARU: Too many to list. Lauryn hill. Nina Simone. Tracy Chapman. India Arie. Gladys Knight.

Q:You always perform barefoot?

AKUA NARU: I feel closer to the earth. More free when my feet touch the bare ground.

Q: This is your second concert in Slovenia. You performed last year in Maribor. What would you like to message to all visitors of Druga Godba.
AKUA NARU:  Maribor was awesome. We met people who showed so much love for hip hop music and culture. I am sure Druga Godba will reveal the same. We are all looking forward to meeting the people, sharing the music, and experiencing the city. See you there. Peace