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Baga Sound from Tuzla is a Reggae branch of Fm Jam, a Hip Hop movement from Bosnia. Members are Moonjah – DJ and vocalist, and Dj Soul. Their long time love and enjoyment for Reggae music, since 2006. converted into the first Reggae sound from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Their sets always have a Roots Reggae for the base, and styles vary from the Roots, Nu Roots and Dub, all the way to the Jungle, Dubstep and Ragga Breaks. Their sets are known to be highly danceable, full of positive energy and excellent quality music.

This approach to music brought Baga Sound numerous appearances throughout the region. In addition to Bosnia, they are frequent and welcome guests in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, often alongside some of the most popular Europe DJs. Along most of the Balkan DJs there are names like Benny Page, Big Bud, Danny Wheeler, MC Tali, Aries, ..

Baga Sound has a reputation to be one of the best sounds in the region, and this is also confirmed by the popularity of production in which they are involved. Tracks, remixes and mixes by Baga Sound are extremely popular and have been recognized on many speakers and dance floors across Europe.

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Here are some Jungle mixes from BAGA SOUND: