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Few facts about General Woo.

He comes from Croatia – Vukovar He began his career in 1994. He is one of the pioneers not just Croatian but we can say Balkan rap movement.  He used to be member of  one of the  most successful Croatian rap acts – Tram 11 together with Target. They made some notorious  songs: Pad SistemaHrvatski velikaniVručina gradskog asfalta,  Samo kod nas . Duo split in 2003.

Since then General Woo released 4 solo albums:

– 2002 – Takozvani

– 2005 – Baš je lijep ovaj svijet

– 2006 – Krv nije voda

– 2011 – Verbalni delikt

His last album Verbalni delikt is declared as one of the best rap albums in Balkan region.

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general woo

He just released his new album PAD SISTEMA He presented the album on Radio 808.