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If we had to use one word to describe UMEK’s fourth album, the best one would be »versatile«. Rhythmia follows up UMEK’s recent direction towards a broader audience, while still staying true to his sound. His appearances on main stages of world’s biggest festivals proved that you can also win the hearts of the crowd by playing different music. The same goes to big labels and this time UMEK chose Spinnin’: “Much like playing stages mostly reserved for big EDM stars, this also represents a big challenge to me. I’m presenting myself to a broader mass of fans, many of which aren’t used to my style, so I had to come up with a way to keep their attention and still keep my old and loyal followers entertained. Everything actually came out very spontaneous – including the vocal tracks, where I suddenly felt the urge to get someone who can sing (not being me hehehe).”

And that’s exactly what Rhythmia offers: catchy melodies in an album title track featuring Heartik, summer sensations in Hard Times featuring Mike Vale and Chris the Voice, ragamuffin feet-itcher Burnfire and a look in the past with Luftmensch. In total there are 10 tracks on the album, all of them reflecting UMEK’s signature heavy bass lines and energy-pumped rhythm.

Rhythmia is UMEK’s  first digital-only album, so you can only get it in your favorite online store.

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UMEK – Rhythmia (LP)