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French trumpeter and composer Antoine Berjeaut presents WasteLand Remix LP.

Two month after his debut album as a leader on Fresh Sound New Talent Rec “WasteLand Feat. Mike Ladd”, juggling with contemporary jazz, beat music and electronic live sounds, Antoine Berjeaut expand the realms of spiritual jazz through a brand new Remix LP.

The music freely unfolds at the frontier of Beat music scene, Electronic bass music, Folk psychedelic vibes around inspired lyrics declaimed by Mike Ladd.

Included are remixes from great international producers and friends, made between the UK, Japan, Berlin and Paris.

In a post-apocalyptic universe as conveyed by T.S. Eliot, as influenced by minimal glitch jazz, by Madlib’s or Flying Lotus’s mash-ups, Wasteland features an imaginary journey into a mixture of vintage analogue sounds, hip hop tapestry, poetry and clubby vibes.

Release features remixes from: RadiQ (Yoshihiro Hanno), Ben Marc, Sandra Nkaké/Jî-Dru, Ornette, Simbad, Krikor, Aoki Takamasa, Pierce Warnecke, Doctor L (Liam Farrell) and Grant Phabao.



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