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Mungo’s Hi Fi is a sound system based in Glasgow, Scotland which follows the original Jamaican sound system tradition. Tom Tattersall and Doug Paine founded the group in 2000, creating their own brand of dub reggae music, and collaborating with other artists and producers, before the group grew to include Craig Macleod, Jerome Joly and James Whelan. Bringing up-to-date reggae, dub and dancehall sounds to Glasgow, the sound system has quickly became part of a wider reggae network with a hectic schedule of live performances, dub plate selections and bringing the watts and woofers as a sound system to clubs and events across the UK and Europe.

charlie p

Charlie P is a raggamuffin rudeboy youth with a natural talent for music. He first appeared on stage at the age of 5 and there are some grainy youtube videos of him performing as a child. He started out singing motown and blues but reggae was in his blood since he grew up surrounded by UK-Jamaican culture. He started singing with the Goldmaster Allstars at the age of 11, but was soon drawn to soundsystems which is where he feels most at home. His uncle had been running a sound in Southend on Sea and it was his mother who encouraged him in his career.
Charlie first came to Glasgow in 2010 for one of Mungo’s Hi Fi’s legendary nights at the Artschool. This was the beginning of their working relationship which has seen countless recording sessions and continuous touring around every corner of the globe. This album is the culmination of this ongoing relationship and brings together the best tracks across the styles that he loves, from roots reggae and dancehall to modern bass music.
Some are surprised to see a young white guy with a Jamaican accent, but it is his musical language and Charlie is not pretending to be anything but himself – a man with a passion for good ganja and reggae dancehall.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P – You see me star (LP preview)

Mungo’s Hi Fi Ft. Charlie P – Nice it up (Rockers mix)