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Mundo Meu is Flavia Coelho  latest album that sees her going back to her roots plunging into an urban jungle with coloured native slang.

Unfolding her inner world like an immense, multicoloured urban map, her flow resonates to an urban Baile Funk; Repente becomes Afrobeat; Forró and Samba find a new life fuelled with Hip-Hop; African roots join Kanak chants; Bolero joins Ragga while East European music becomes tropical via Jamaica.

On the stand-out opener, Por Cima, we hear of a woman who sacrifices all for her man in a Brazilian Bolero inspired by the traditional songs that her father listened to. Elswhere Flavia sings of both the beauty and the dangers of Brazil; she pays tribute the street artists and workers of the favelas and of the solidarity between expats.

With a stellar cast of guests that include German superstar Patrice, cult rapper Speech (Arrested Development), accordionist Fixi of Java and the legendary drummer Tony Allen, Flavia builds new aural textures on the memory and culture of Brazilian music.

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Flavia Coelho – Por Cima (LP)