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Dimensions’ ethos takes a purist’s approach with its revered music policy, seeking only the finest purveyors of house, techno, jazz, funk, soul, drum and bass, psych and more orchestrated by the scene’s leading DJs, producers, remixers, labels and collectives. There are no concessions made to transient fads or flashes in the pan; this is all about artists dedicated to their craft who really bring something special to the festival. Dimension’s setting is an intimate labyrinth of spaces and passages, of nooks and crannies, leading to an incredible array of environments with world-class sound systems. It is one of Europe’s true bastions of electronic music culture, and now reveals its first round of artists.

Dimensions-Festival-2015-Dan-Medhurst-4379 (George Clinton)

Photo: Dan Madhurst

Drawing together many of the world’s taste-makers, pioneers and living legends created a true feast for the senses, crowned by Sunday night’s epic finale with George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic headlining The Clearing stage to a packed and rapturous audience. The revered p-funk and soul collective brought their amazing live show to Croatia as one of the biggest bookings the festival had seen in a simply sublime night of music under the stars.

Earlier during the festival, at The Knowledge Arena, George took part in a deeply candid, insightful and enchanting talk hosted by Tony Nwachukwu, and with George’s blessing the interview was filmed exclusively by Dimensions. The incredibly intimate setting created a magical hour in which George recounted a wonderful odyssey joining the dots between his career’s hugely esteemed body of work.


Tony Nwachukwu & George Clinton

George Clinton and Tony Nwachukwu in conversation at Dimensions Festival 2015 - 2

The Knowledge Arena at Dimensions – and Outlook Festival too – really came into its own this year, with workshops, showcases, key note talks and in-conversations with iconic artists performing. This summer The Knowledge Arena offered everyone a rare chance to be up close and personal to true musical legends, as well as being able to experiment with the latest technologies in music production.