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UK label MR BONGO presents new AFRICA 45’s #9 & #10.




AFRICA 45’s #9

A. Rail Band – Mariba Yassah ft. Mory Kanté

One of Mali’s best known outfits, also known as Super Rail Band and the Bamako Rail Band. Led by the legendary Salif Keita. Their unique style came about as a result of the fusion of Afro-Latin-Jazz and traditional styles.

This track is super funky and tight from the first beat, with a catchy trumpet line running over the top and throughout. Mory Kanté features here on lead vocals.

Originally released on their album entitled ‘Super Rail Band Of The Buffet Hotel Del La Gare De Bamako, Mali – Rail Band’, in 1973 on RCAM.

B. Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Get Up James

Salif Keita becomes the subject of some unusual A-side/B-side drama here – he left Rail Band to join Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako! Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako are considered to be one of Africa’s greatest bands, assembled in the early 70’s in Mali.

This record is a James Brown cover with a psychedelic-West African twist. Loud and proud JB style call-and-response vocals, driving organ, drums and guitar.


AFRICA 45’s #10

A: Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Telantena Zaré

The second time Eshete – aka the Ethiopian James Brown aka Abyssinian Elvis – has appeared in the series to date. This time in jazzier form. Upbeat piano, guitar and distinctive vocals accompanied by tough but subtle drums.

Originally released on 7” on Amha Records AE 780 in 1974. Needless to say, it’s nigh on impossible to find.

B: Girma Bèyènè – Ene Negn bay manesh

Reminiscent of the great works of Mulatu, ‘Ene Negn bay manesh’ is a beautifully deep groover, featuring Beyene’s vocal – unusual for him; he usually recorded instrumentals – subtle guitar, organ and horn lines.

Originally released, once again, on Ethipion label Amha Records AE 210, in 1969.