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For decades, throughout the Balkans and well beyond, Serbian capital Belgrade has been renowned for its creative and moving rock bands, who not only enjoyed great popularity during their heyday, but also became one of the fundamental carriers of contemporary culture. On this foundation today’s generation of musicians continue to seek for new musical expressions and as such comprise the Belgrade’s new rock scene.

One of the most prominent acts of this scene are Repetitor, founded in 2005 by Milena Milutinović (drums), Boris Vlastelica (guitar, vocals) and Ana-Marija Cupin (bass, vocals).

Ever since their debut album came out in 2008, the Belgrade trio have been the main regional ace in the hole of the alternative scene. Garage rock and post-punk are lax descriptions of a band that leaves its sweat, blood and heart on stage. Drummer Milena could undoubtedly rock Dave Grohl’s socks off, Ana-Marija is a fountain of dirty bass line energy, while guitarist and lead vocalist Boris Vlastelica is – without doubt and exaggeration – the voice of a generation, a punk poet and a feral soul without inhibition on stage. Repetitor have played countless shows all over the Balkans, booked several European tours, impressed in China, and performed at all major festivals in the region (Sziget, Exit, Pohoda, INmusic, Terraneo, SuperUho, Lent …). Wherever they play, be it a festival stage or an abandoned ruin at the edge of town, one thing is for certain – they always leave the audience wanting more.



BESKRAJ is their brand new song