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Boiler Room stopped in Recife, Brazil for a special STAY TRUE BRAZIL BOILER ROOM NIGHT.

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GILLES PETERSON presents “TAM TAM TAM”. Gilles Peterson is joined by LV, Earl Zinger and Brazilian vocalist Karol Conka to reimagine the 1958 album “Tam Tam Tam” by Jose Prates.


Nightmares on Wax is an institution, albeit a delightfully different one. The man behind the moniker, George Evelyn, just keeps reinventing – flowing along, going at whatever speed he fancies to wherever his ideas carry him. For the last seven years he’s lived in an Ibizan farmhouse and, while he’s Warp Records’ longest serving artist – “the granddaddy,” as he puts it – he overwhelmingly focuses on his current projects, letting them revitalize his music. A huge supporter of Brazilian music, it’s an honour to have him joining us at Ballantine’s Stay True Brazil.


Kicking off his career in the mid-eighties in his native New York, Todd Terry perfected the art of balancing mainstream success with underground credibility. Having released music under various different monikers, and being a part of Masters at Work with Kenny Dope and Louie Vega, Terry is responsible for some of house music’s most loved anthems including “I’ll House You” by the Jungle Brothers and “Something Going On”. His love for Brazilian music is particularly evident in his output under his House of Gypsies alias. Some of his most well-known tracks like “Jum Bah Day“, “Sume Sigh Say” & “Samba” all feature distinctively Brazilian instrumentation like the cuica, agogo bells and surdo drums. Todd Terry will be capping off Stay True Brazil in a way only he can.


One of the most respected turntablists and record collectors in the world, Sao Paulo’s DJ Nuts has played across Europe and the US both solo and as the tour DJ for Marcelo D2. With his expert and effortless skill of blending Brazilian rhythms into his sets that span hip-hop, electronics, funk, and beyond – expect an incredible showcase of DJ showmanship.


Sao Paulo’s DJ Tahira has been on a steady rise in both his homeland and abroad for the past few years. His style mixes a variety of Brazilian sounds, including lesser-known regional styles such as Baiao, Maracatu & Instrumental Forro, with more contemporary western styles and his own productions and edits. Having released on labels such as London’s Far Out Records, Tahira recently launched his own label, EBS Digging. His international tour schedule has also become increasingly busy, earning him bookings in in cities like London, New York and Berlin.

Juniani Marzani, better known as DJ 440 (read: four-four-zero) is one of the state of Pernambuco’s most revered DJs. Born and raised in the city of Olinda, 440 has dedicated his life to digging up rare gems from a variety of musical styles. Having started DJing in the ’90’s he now runs some of Brazil’s best nights, including the award winning Terça do Vinil, an institutional weekly night for clubbers in Recife & Olinda. 440’s skills are not just limited to Djing, he’s also a producer in his own right and in 2009 he curated the Futuro do Brasil compilation, which heavily featured talent from Pernambuco. We’re delighted to have a local legend like 440 join us at Ballantine’s Stay True Brazil.