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FVCK is the embodiment of senses overcome with animalistic overload that turns them into nonsensical pleasures of nothingness. FVCK is cruel, merciless lust that devours the body with the power of a thousand orgasms. This time, it features even more horror-like screams, more fearsome growls and creepier chantings by Matic Babič. Darker guitars, heavier riffs and more intriguing entwinings of string by Gašper Letonja and Miloš Miloševič. More atomic booms, more vociferous rituals and lower frequencies of the rhythm section, bass player Nik Franko and drummer Simon Intihar.

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THE CANYON OBSERVER – Chapter I: The Current of Her Ocean Brings Me To My Knees

THE CANYON OBSERVER – Chapter II: These Binds Will Set You Free