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Outlook festival just finished few days ago. This was 9th edition of the festival. It is located at abandoned Fort Punta Christo in Štinjan ( near Pula). Like in the past years, festival opening was happening in 2000 old amphitheatre in Pula.

Opening hosted names : ASM, Village people, Iration Stepas & probably the biggest star of the of the festival editions Damian Marley. ASM, Village people, Iration Stepas heated Pula amphitheatre to boiling temperature and when “Jr Gong” hitted the stage amphitheatre exploded. “Jr Gong” presented all of his hits & of course included some of Bob Marley songs in 1.30h. “Jr Gong” is the youngest & most successful son of Bob Marley. He will release his new album at the end of October.

For the next four days parties moved to the Beach yard, boat parties & Fort. Beach yard hosted a lot more live acts then the previous years, which is only good thing.


  • Twinkle Brothers
  • Gentleman’s Dub Club
  • Swindle (live set)
  • Calibre & Mc Drs

Near the beach was also Knowledge Arena. Knowledge arena is dedicatad to education about music production, djing. Knowledge arena hosted a conference about what Soundsystem culture is. It is also a place where you can catch a conversation with an artists.

This year with:

  • Roni Size
  • Congo Natty
  • Prince Fatty
  • Mad Professor

Prince Fatty & Mad Professor also offered live dubbing session.


It offered 4 days of bass full parties. This year there was no Harbour stage, but the changed The Clearing into main stage, which was good decision in my opinion.

The Clearing offered the best that bass music can offer in the first night with “ Ram Jam” night with:

  • Prince Fatty
  • Kabaka Pyramid
  • Mala
  • Congo Natty
  • Roni Size & Krust

Of course don David Rodigan was/is main star. He is probably artist I could watch every day on the festival, beach. His energy & selection is massive.

Other highlights of the festival:

  • Deep Medi night with the biggest queue at the festival. Dubstep is dead ?!
  • The Heatwave
  • Stormzy
  • Kahn & Neek wth. Flowdan, Riko Dan & Killa P
  • Zed Bias
  • Benga
  • Etherwood

There are 9 stages at the festival and it is impossible to visit all.And tip for the Outlook 2017 visitors, beach party the day after festival officially ends is the best.

If you want to feel bass for one week, then Outlook festival is definitely for you, specially if you are from Ex-yu region. For the future is would be interesting if they would combine Dimensions & Outlook festival. It would be interesting to see combination of underground electronic music & bass. This maybe wasn’t best festival so far (few names from Garage were missing) but Outlook is still the best celebration of bass music.

Probably the only place on the world where you have some of the best soundsystems in the world in one place :

  • The Void acoustics
  • Mungo’s Hi Fi
  • OBF soundsytem
  • Dub Smugglers

The real critic goes to some of the security guards, but this is a theme for some other post.

Outlook will be celebrating it’s 10th edition next year.

And tip for the Outlook 2017 visitors, beach party the day after festival officially ends is the best.

OUTLOOK FESTIVAL: Homepage, Facebook, Twitter, Mixcloud

Best moments of the festival:

Best photo:


Photo: Marc Sethi

The Heatwave playing Oasis

Song of the festival:

Sir Spyro f Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann, and Killa P – Top A Top

Some moments from the festival

THE HEATWAVE playing Oasis