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This weeks TOP5 selection is done by Slovenian musical duo Silence.

Silence is electronic, piano duet from Slovenia. Band members are Boštjan Hladnik & Boris Benko – or just Hladnik & Benko.

Hladnik is taking care of the piano and Benko is a singer.

Photo:  Jože Suhadolnik

Their discography:

Ma non troppo (1997), Unlike a Virgin (1999), Vain, a Tribute to a Ghost (2004)  &  Key Silence (2006).

They also produced Laibach album VOLK in 2006.

In the last years they are mainly doing music for theatre shows. They are collaborating mostly with Tomaž Pandur , Matjaž Pograjc & Primož Ekart.

They released their new album on 14.4.2012 titled ” Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World”.  Singles from the album are: Death is New York, Electricity, Heart of a darkness. All three videos include parts of Boštjan Hladnik movies.

You can listen to the album on their Bandcamp page – LINK

Documentary film about the making of the new album – Watch.

Follow Silence home page & FB Page & Soundcloud page & their YT channel.

This is their TOP5 selection

Sigur Rós – Fjögur Píanó

Raphael: Balada de la Trompeta

Massive Attack: Paradise Circus

Bobby Hebb: Sunny

Bat For Lashes: Daniel