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Today’s pick was done by Chris Eckman who is together with U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana standing behind the PROJECT R.E.M.

More about PROJECT R.E.M – LINK.

Few words about Chris Eckman.

Chris is american musician from Seatle living in Slovenia from 2002.  He is a vocalist in cult american band The Walkabouts. The Walkbouts have been formed in 1983 and have released more then 15 albums so far. Their last album is titled Travels in the Dustland and it was released in 2011.

Chris Eckman about the album:

Travels in the Dustland is a collection of interconnected songs. It is a song cycle. The Dustland is a made up place but it looks and acts like a real place. While different characters come and go throughout the songs, the most important character is the landscape itself:  Its vastness, its endless skies, its scarcity, its hidden opportunities and its rugged dead-end roads.

The Dustland seems to be somewhere in America. It is an America with a future as cracked and worn as a dry-lake bed. It is a land where hollow ideas win-out and hopes and dreams are slowly slipping back into the wilds from which they began.

But more than being an idea, this album is obviously a collection of music. We wanted songs and sounds as wide-open as the landscape that inspired us. We wanted an album with a mood of experimentation but also an album that played to our strengths as musicians.

Presentation of the album on Val202 show TelstarLink.

Follow The Walbouts: Homepage , YouTube channel.

The Walkabouts – The Dustlands

Chris Eckman released his first solo album A Janela (which means “The Window” in Portuguese) in 1999 when he lived in Portugal.

In 2004 he released his second album titled  The Black field.  Few songs from the album: Nights like theseCrystalline, Pirates ClownsWhy Can’t I Touch It?.

He also released album together with Croatian group The Bambi Molesters in 2004. They joined together and formed group called The Strange. Album was titled Nights of forgotten films.

In 2008 he contributed music for  for documentary film: DAR FUR – War for Water  which was directed by Tomo Kriznar & Maja Weiss  and was  premièred in  Cannes film festival.

In 2008 Chris Eckman released his third solo album: najnovejši projekt je album: The Last Side of the MountainHe transformed Dane Zajc poems into songs. Few songs from the album: Who will light your path ? (with Anita Lipnicka), Down Down, With What Mouth, The Same

Chris Eckman  collaborated with many musicians in his career: Steve Wynn & The Dragon Bridge Orchestra Willard Grant Conspiracy, The Bambi Molesters , My Buddy Moose, Vlado Kreslin, Melodrom, The Frictions and many more.

NOTHING LEFT TO HATE is first song From his new solo album “Harney County“.  Coming out December 6th/2013 on Glitterhouse. More info’s about the album – LINK.


Here is his TOP5:

Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck: Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh

Bill Callahan  – AMERICA! 

Television – Marquee Moon

Keith Hudson – Troubles

Miles Davis – In a Silent Way/It’s About That Time/In a Silent Way (1/3)