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Generator about themselves:
We are Generator. There is 9 of us. Our story began 2 years ago when in a spark of a moment we found ourselves jamming together under one roof. Against the laws of physics there was fusion and we became one big family. Well to be honest half of us are from the same gene pool anyway, but let’s not get into that now. We are happy to be introducing our debut album ‘Open Eyes’ in September 2018. Our music is intensely infused with an eclectic style, revealing the eccentric mix of our characters. We believe in spreading our energy and love, across boundaries, generations, and universes…

Anina Trobec – Vocals
Joseph Wheba – Keyboards, Vocals
Primož Špelko – Bass
Maksim Špelko – Drums
Tomaž Zorko – Rhythm Guitar
Marko Turk – Lead Guitar
Mitja Turk – Saxophone
Gregor Turk – Trombone
Denis Androić – Trumpet

GENERATOR: Facebook, YouTube

They released their debut album OPEN EYES in September 2018.