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Top 5 series is back. This week is our guest DJ & producer 1WAY. 1WAY will be performing tonight @ K4 on

Krunch It!! & Badmood Recordings Release PartyFB EVENT.

Few words about 1WAY:

JF (6 of 20)Photo:  José Farinha

1Way started DJing in Porto, Portugal, around 1998 at the peak of the drum n bass movement. A move to London in 2002 brings other sounds to his DJ sets and the first experiments with music production. Nowadays 1Ways music and DJ sets incorporate a wider spectrum of influences, from ambient, to dub, to house and techno, always characterised by deep sounds and basslines. Recent collaborations with Stereopathy as ALMA sees them blending the lines between deep dub, dubstep and techno. Now living in Berlin, 1Way has recent and forthcoming releases with BadMood Recordings and 19th Studio and has been DJing in Berlin clubs such as ://about blank, Subland and Cassiopeia.

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Here is is TOP5:

How To Dress Well – Cold Nites

Andy Stott – Numb

Homeboy Sandman – Hold Your Head

Deftones – Leathers

Thomas Koner – Novaya Zemlya 1