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It is a TOP5 time again. This week our guest is DJ & Producer Mr. Dirty Hairy. Born in UK, currently living in Croatia.


Few words about Mr. Dirty Hairy:

My name is Dirty Hairy and I like to dig around for smelly old vinyl sounds to sample, make mixtapes, or just to collect and caress.
I have been producing jazzy , analogish hip hop soundscapes since around 1997 and DJ’ing since 1998.
When I’m not not labeling myself as a ‘ crate digger ‘ or ‘ beat digger ‘ I play drums ,bass and guitar on some abstract jazz, fusion, funk rock tip and DJ funk ,latin ,beat ,disco and jazz anywhere and everywhere I can ..
Me umble production flavours and styles extend from Jazz based mid 90s doodle snacks to anything and everything in between, before and after.
I am not a turntablist nor do I proclaim to have ever been one but I still make time for scratch and a juggle.
Self taught ? Yeah and that
I am always excited to pull out the vinyl especially 45s and school laptop dudes.

I liked how life was before the internet.

Now days he is performing as a back-up DJ for Croatian rapper General Woo and on soul & funk events all over Yugoslavia like – Zeleno Sonce, Soulkeks @ Žedno uho, Kopaj ovo


Edo Maajka – Volim te (Mr. Dirty Hairy Remix)

Frenkie, Marčelo & Edo Maajka Creme De La Creme Begins ( Mr. Dirty Hairy Remix)

General Woo- Znam ( Mr.Dirty Hairy Remix)

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Here is his TOP5 selection and his words about the songs

LD Pistolero – Boles

I love Macedonian hip hop. They capture the essence of it really well in their beats and videos.
This is one of the best hip hop beats i have heard in Balkans . ( for my tastes )
Big up to my Friend DJ Goce from Skopje you can catch him / Strajk, LD Pistolero and Don Dada  in SoulKeks

The Five Corners Quintet 
– Straight up

I’m a huge Jazz fan since 18/19 years old and when I began working in a record store at 24 I tapped into a guy called Jukka Eskola. A jazz fugel horn player from Finland ( he has 5 very nice solo albums worth checkin )
Then I discovered a group he is part of  from Helsinki   called ‘ The Five Corners Quintet. ‘ and I became hooked and tried to track down as much as I could. A lot of their stuff is released on 10″
I could have picked any track from them yesterday I was cooking to this track !
I would love to bring them to Zagreb one day. Great musicians , great compositions  and a great vibe.
Dont sleep on Finish Jazz.
The latest release is  ‘ The Helsinki Sessions ‘ a live recording from 2011  which is also a great one to cook to !

Oxygen  – Gone diggin

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this 45 from Ox direct  and the guy  is putting out superb tracks with dope producers like
Gensu Dean , and DJ Format. But if you’ve never heard of Ox then his group Sputnik Brown would be a good place to start.
Big up to Big City records (rip) and My friend and Vinyl Veteran Macca aka Beathoven in the video here!

The Transatlantics – It couln’t be him

Sometimes music just flys over my head and I miss it the first time around. I guess thats a bi product of being out their digging around for older sounds of a jazz funk nature too much. Its all good and cool but really you end up missing whats actually  happening NOW !
I did a short DJ tour last year in France and met up with my good friend  and emcee Fisto, with whom I work with from time to time and we exchange new musical finds  with each other  mainly hip hop and funk.
He  put me onto The Transatlantics  – another heavy funk / soul outfit from Australia were funky music seems to be the norm nowadays
I was shocked that I’d missed this when it popped up in 2010  but non-the-less its better late than never ! This is the first thing I picked up from them , and now I’m expanding my Transatlantics collection on vinyl.
Oh , and if you turn this 45 over you get this – LINK

Julius Brockington & The Magic Force – This Feeling

Ha! This was the latest additon to my 45 collection and I found it purely by accident  sniffing around.Most stuff I’ve heard  from Julius Brockington is pretty f*cking  solid. I love it all. So far .
When I discover someone in that way and it works out good I just take wild stabs on stuff  that looks  or sounds good  (by name or label )  this was one of those moments where I’d heard other tracks of Julius’ that had been sampled  so  decided to take a punt on it .
I like the thrill of sometimes not knowing how its gonna sound  or what its gunna be but these days I dont   get much of a chance  to do it so much. If its wack , ebay , discogs.
Anyway any fans of Chief XL production might be familiar with this  – Julius Brockington – Forty Nine Reasons

But seriously.  get on it if you didn’t already